Daily Kos: California-3: Can Kevin Kiley Be Defeated? Jessica Morse Hopes to Pull Off an Upset!

California has many districts that are targets for the Democratic Party to flip. Most of them are districts that Biden won, but not all of them are that way. California’s 3rd district narrowly voted for Trump in 2020, but it was still targeted by the DCCC in 2022. Democrats were hoping to build on the fact that Biden got close to 48% here, but the race fizzled out in the end. That made this district less of an exciting prospect in 2024.

That is, until a candidate familiar to the area got into the race. This candidate ran in the 2018 blue wave election in California’s 4th district (covered much of the same territory), and she has been busy serving the constituents of this district in various roles ever since. Jessica Morse has experience on her side, and a compelling story that she tells in her launch video below:

Make no mistake — this district is still going to be tough to win over, even with an excellent recruit such as Morse. However, the campaign sees a path to victory in a Presidential year through persuasion and higher turnout. The nonpartisan primary has anointed GOP Rep. Kevin Kiley and our challenger. Kiley got 55% in the nonpartisan primary, while Morse got 43%. A lot will have to shift for the upset to happen. Question is, can Jessica Morse pull off the upset and defeat the incumbent?

Rep. Kevin Kiley is part of what I am calling the #MAGADozen. These Republicans in GOP-leaning swing districts are full-throated MAGA supporters and can be beaten. Jessica Morse is one of the challengers I am fundraising for.

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