The decision about when and how to have a child is deeply personal and should be made by a woman, her family, and her doctors. Her member of Congress shouldn’t have a say in it. 

1) Ensuring that women have agency over how and when they become mothers; and

2) Ensuring that women have access to the medical care they need during pregnancy.

By reversing nearly 50 years of precedent in the Dobbs decision, the Supreme Court has both undermined women’s autonomy and jeopardized the health and safety of mothers. In the wake of this decision, twenty-six states have banned or severely restricted abortions. In these states, mothers are three times more likely to die in childbirth and infants are 30 percent more likely to die than in states that have legalized abortion.

I will also advocate for increased access to contraception and healthcare services to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And I plan to support investments in programs to provide families with quality prenatal care, paid parental leave, child tax credits, and affordable childcare. These commitments will reaffirm that, here in America, women can choose when to become mothers.