Keeps You Healthy

Helping Others Keeps You Healthy

We always think of natural health as affecting our physical body. But good health comes from deep inside you. In fact, the health benefits from helping other people and expecting nothing in return may just be the unsung hero of a healthy lifestyle. Those who do selfless service to others are often less stressed and more content with their lot in life. Instead of stressing over what they don't have, they concentrate on sharing what they do have.

It is easy to help those we love and those who are close to us. The real measure of character is helping those we may not know, without judgment and without conditions. Simply giving, and feeling the appreciation from another human who may be worse off than us for various reasons, may well be the best feeling you ever get.

Acupuncture Getting to the Point of Natural Health

Natural health cures using Acupuncture may have seemed 'new age' to Western Cultures, but these methods have been in practice in Chinese culture for over 4000 years. Chinese culture believes in a person's Qi of energy flow. All parts of the body form the Qi and should it get unbalanced or out of kilter illness can occur.

Around the body the body parts and organs are represented by Meridians which are the point where the sections can be most easily accessed by the acupuncture needles. These are tiny and very sharp and do not cause pain. Acupressure and heat treatments called Moxibustion is also used in conjunction with Acupuncture. The needles relieve the imbalance and bring the energies back into line.