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Information Services

Iroquois offers various programs to assist health care facilities to improve organizational efficiencies. Programs help to reduce costs for supplies, services, telecommunications, insurance, and data.

Iroquois Healthcare Advanced Information Services (IHAIS), a data and services information solution powered by ApolloŠ, TREO Solutions' powerful analytic and service package, is now available to Iroquois members.

IHAIS is a web-based analytic service that offers Iroquois members, through a partnership with TREO Solutions, access to a comprehensive set of data resources and expertise. The service is designed to allow the user, independently or with the assistance of an analyst, to compare hospital performance across a variety of indicators. This interactive tool also permits the user to print or export reports and graphs.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of IHAIS is that it enables multiple users within a facility to view and explore the data resources simultaneously. This means that while management can use the tool to examine trends in length of stay within a DRG, and finance can compare productivity across peers, those charged with quality improvement can use the tool to examine the risk adjusted physician performance.

Currently four analytic modules are active with more to be populated by the end of the year.

A brief description of the active Modules:

Resource Management: provides users with information on inpatient volume, and severity adjusted charges and average length of stay (ALOS) at several levels of detail.

Quality Management: provides risk adjusted mortality information.

Market Management: allows the user to examine market share by zip code and product line.

Financial Management: enables users to examine key financial indicators associated with capital structure, liquidity and profitability over time and amongst peers.