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Daily Vita Plus

You can feel the difference!

This 100% natural liquid contains all the of the body required vitamins, plus much more. The regular formula includes world-class joint support essentials such as CMO and glucosamine sulfate. The vegetarian formula is perfect for those who want the benefits of Astragalus, Boswellin and Milk Thistle.

Did you know there are 40 nutrients that the body is unable to produce? Of the 40, 15 are vitamins, fourteen are minerals, ten are amino acids, and 1 is an essential fatty acid. From these required nutrients our bodies synthesize about 10,000 different compounds that are critical to our health maintenance. For men, it will be interesting to find out the connection with a dietary supplement as Noxitril.

Because all required nutrients work together, a shortage of one nutrient may result in an imbalance or underproduction of hundreds of essential compounds. Imagine playing cards without the Jacks or Kings! Even if no one nutrient is totally lacking from the diet, partial deficiencies of some nutrients are common. Research indicates that disease of almost every variety may be the result of nutritional deficiencies. Daily Vita Plus helps fill the gap. It also represents the finest, most bioavailable technology currently available.

The majority of nutritional products on the market today are still in tablet form because liquids can be difficult and expensive to make. While pills are easier to make, the bioavailablity just isn't there.

Global Health Trax Daily Vita Plus does not contain minerals. Minerals are very destructive to vitamins when mixed and stored together. They really don't belong in a liquid supplement. Daily Vita Plus represents the best in nutritional science!