Keeps You Healthy

Animal Therapy - Pets Promoting Good Health

Animal Therapy is recognized worldwide as a good health solution. Patients not only heal more quickly but they find a renewed zest for life. Depression can be helped, and in all cases quality of life is dramatically improved from interaction with animals.

Therapy pets are often dogs but can also be cats. Dogs are very popular because they interact and show appreciation for attention. But some people prefer a less active pet like a cat to simply sit while they pet it. Animals are taken into some hospitals, homes and clinics to regularly visit elderly and incapacitated patients. But at home a pet can be a great addition to a healthier life.

The secret is to choose the correct pet for your lifestyle and recognize the amount of time you have to devote to a pet. For instance if you get a highly energetic dog and you live in a small apartment that pet will cause you more stress. Pets are great company and being needed is definite requirement of being a human being. If you choose correctly your life will improve and therefore your health will be better.